Options for Insuring Diamond Jewelry

Based in Rochester, New York, RDI Diamonds has been distributing quality diamonds for over two decades. The company has been nationally recognized for its role as a leading diamond distributor, operating with a commitment to honest, reliable services and pride in the quality of its jewelry. In addition to the Rochester office, there is a location in Israel, placing RDI Diamonds on an international stage. When considering a diamond jewelry purchase, it’s important to choose a trustworthy dealer, but it is equally important to protect the jewel after the purchase. What options are available for insuring jewelry?

To obtain insurance, a buyer may have to use a separate insurance extension plan from the homeowner’s insurance that covers personal items like expensive jewelry. There are also specialized jewelry insurance plans available from private companies. The jewelry’s value should help determine which is more appropriate. Always ask the insurance agency for details concerning its protocol for loss, what documentation would be required, and what situations are covered by the policy. A good plan is comprehensive and covers all scenarios, including theft and accidental loss.

To obtain insurance, an appraisal of the jewelry and a receipt is required. When using homeowner’s insurance for the diamond, it is important to switch the coverage to the home in which the jewelry’s owner currently resides in the event of a move or relocation. While it may seem like a hassle, these measures can help protect the value of your investment.


Understanding the Various Cuts of Diamonds

With offices in New York City, Israel, and Rochester, New York, RDI Diamonds Inc. offers jewelers a full range of quality stones, with many certified by major organizations such as the Gemological Institute of America. RDI Diamonds carries thousands of stones in cuts such as round brilliant, emerald, and radiant. Beyond carats, color, and clarity, the cut of the diamond is a key determinant in the stone’s value. Traditional round brilliants have a 58-facet cut that maximizes brilliance and sparkle, and they make up approximately three-quarters of the diamonds on the market today.

Other popular designs include the radiant cut, which contains 70 facets and has a rectangular or square shape similar to an emerald’s. The intense color refraction of this cut requires stones of exceptional depth; depth percentages of 70 percent or more are common. The marquise cut is a classic, elongated cut originally commissioned by Louis XIV of France, who requested that it match the beauty of his mistress, the Marquise de Pompadour. This exquisite cut stands well on its own and is often matched with smaller settings in jewelry as well.